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Living Tree Financial Group’s mission is to provide a complete picture of financial wellness to our clients.

Living Tree agents receive the training and support needed to build successful careers.

Our focus is to meet each client’s unique insurance needs and budget.

Our vision is to empower and equip those often overlooked by the financial services industry.

Products We Represent

• Medicare Advantage Plans
• Prescription Drug Plans
• Medicare Supplemental Plans
• Dental and Vision
• Disability Insurance


We represent and assist our seniors who are 65 or turning 65, or individuals under 65 on disability who have Medicare and help them determine which medicare plans best fit their needs.

ACA Individuals and Families

We assist individuals and families determine the best plan for them based on their budget and the tax credit received from the state to help them with the premiums. This can get confusing and need to understand the type of plan that will best fit their needs.

International Medical Insurance

• Travel Medical Insurance
• International Health Insurance
• Travel Insurance

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Open Enrollment

Living Tree Financial Group, LLC works closely with a non-for-profit organization, Mobile Access of Florida to assist the families with Medicaid and Florida Kid Care, among other services at no charge to them.

Some of seniors need assistance with the Part B of their medicare because of the low income they are receiving. We are able to make a difference with their needs and get the seniors into a plan where there is little to no co-pay and reimbursement of the Part B premium of their Medicare. 

When individuals and families with small children apply for ACA health insurance, their children may qualify for Medicaid or Florida Kid Care. We assist our families with this service at no cost to them.

Medicare Enrollment: 
October 15th through December 7th

ACA Enrollment: 
November 1st through January 15th

For Consultation, please contact us for an appointment at (321) 214-4594 for additional information.